OB & A4 - record automation in 4 separate tracks in ableton

Hi guys,

The only thing I did not really like about overbridge is not being able to record automation in four separate tracks.

So I just uploaded an ableton template with separate audio & midi tracks for Analog four which allows recording automations (32 parameters per track) in separate tracks. The Map8 device (live 9.5 or later and maxforlive) is required.

It looks like this :

And if you use Ableton Push, each track looks like this :

You can easily navigate from one track to the other, tweak and record parameters and save your automation in each individual track (and not only in the track with the overbridge plugin).

Hope some of you will find this usefull !



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Looks awesome, where can we download it?

Yeah, sorry, this wasn’t so clear, it’s here : http://www.elektronauts.com/files


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This is amazing! Hope someone does this for the Rytm as well, very useful!

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looks amazing!! What version of Max For Live do I need to get it work? Only 7? Thank you

There is an excellent Rytm rack over here:


If someone could add the maxforlive control to that rack, it would be incredible!

@ Cubik : sorry, I can’t tell if this would work with max 6 ; if max 6 supports the Map8 device, I don’t see any reason why it would not work though.

Let me know if you try !

Hi - the download link for the file isn’t working anymore. Can you please repost or send privately?

INIT Analog 4 v.1.als (278.3 KB)

Hi, here it is !


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problem with that is that its not bidirectional anymore… i dont see actual values the a 4 has in the seperate channels. until i take over the control, but that might include have parameter jumps…

this is so cool, thank you!!

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