OB and A4 MKI Crash


With the last version of OB my digitakt run like a charm on stantalone same for my Digitone.
(PS: Good work guys ! realley !)

But, The Standalone app for A4 MKI crash everytime. I tried everything (OS side) and no result despite my Dt ad Dn works well with the same config.

Others elektronauts experiences this ?
Please i need tips or solution to made it work !!!

Thanks guys !

Yes - every time a program change was made - it’s unusable, it just bombs out !

Pfiuuu, i’m not alone !!!

On the other hand the vst (in Live) is fine, but i didn’t try loading song directly from the bank (wich is buggy on the standalone app.) I will try and reply back.

Well, same issue with the vst… I hope dev know that pita bug…

Have you contacted support already?

No, i will do that so :slight_smile: