OB audio output is being sent to DT L/R outs

I’m a DT user and lover, and I managed to convince my friend to get one. He’s trying to get Overbridge up and running, but he’s running into some issues with the audio output. I’m not really familiar with Windows (he is using 10), so I’m wondering if someone here can help me out.

The issue: The Overbridge Control Panel input meters are all lighting up properly when playing the DT (Overbridge is receiving the DT tracks just fine). But, we are unable to hear the DT’s audio through his computer at all.

I checked the control panel again, and I’m seeing that the output meters are lighting up, meaning Overbridge is sending all of the audio to the DT L/R outputs instead of to the default windows audio output. Unless we connect some speakers to the DT’s outputs, we’re unable to hear anything at all on the computer (yes, “monitor” is turned on in the preferences).

I’m currently not seeing a way to route the DT audio to the computer’s default output. I checked the computer’s sound settings and couldn’t find anything there. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!