OB output & analog summing?

Ok, admit that I’m not on top of Overbridge functionality but I’ve tried to find answer to this question but without success.

I do have an AK, AR, OT & an AH. I’ve never really tried OB due to it not being relevant for my workflow. However, I’ve kinda impulse bought a used Midas Venice 320 yesterday and am now trying to figure out best way of setting it all up.

A first thought, to continue on my non-computer approach, would be to attach all my machines to the Midas and use the AH on a patchbay to drop it on individual tracks, groups or as a stereo insert on the Master. This way I could mix & pre master OTB in a very hands-on way, theoretically.

Now, if I instead were to use OB for AK/AR/AH to move quite a few separate tracks via USB into a DAW, this could be interesting too of course.

But now comes the million dollar question:
If I use OB to get separate tracks into my DAW, could I then also use OB to move tracks OUT of the DAW - sending processed stems to for example AR and AK? And if that is possible, which I actually believe after reading, would I then have the possibility to map these stems to specific outputs on the AK/AR to sort of carrying out an analog summing on my new Midas console - for example send a DAW processed drum loop to AK 1-2 and have it rendered in the analog console with all the god stuff that an analog channelstrip applies?

Guess it’s not possible but wanted to check since it would be crazy powerful if it really worked :).


Used to have a Midas F16. The 320 is a big board. The issue will be latency. Everything running through OB will have latency depending on how many inputs you have enabled and buffer settings. You can see the latency on the plugin itself. So you can output those tracks back out to the board if you have an interface with enough analog outs. You’ll start running into sync issues though when you also run more gear through the board and direct monitor it at the same time. With a board like that you’ll want to be using as many of those tracks/aux sends as you can I’m sure. :slight_smile:

Haha, you are probably right about the last sentence :). I hope it won’t be an issue if it’s more of a summing process and not needing to sync ITB/OTB but let’s see. Very stoked to get my hands on the Midas…huge expectations!