OB sync vs. dedicated sync boxes?


So, what about the Overbridge sync feature?

Are they promising that it will be rock-solid at some stage?

I’m currently considering the Expert Sleepers USAMO or the E-RM MidiClock and am wondering whether I should wait for Overbridge to reach some stage of maturity to see if it can do the job.

My guesstimation: It will not be solid, timing-wise. Am I far off?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Overbridge sync is rock solid for me.
The issue I have with it is that it only works nicely if used exclusively.
But I got a UBK Fatso and I want to record through it into my soundcard, because it sounds 100x better that way.
But this messes up the latency compensation. I tried working around it but it’s such a hassle that I’m using midi sync instead, which is good as well, except that the first recorded bar is not so tight.


Thanks for the tip! Looks really good, but pretty expensive. The ones I’m looking at are around 150-200 euros, which is a pretty penny for just clock :slight_smile:

sounds like a decent toy … but damn is it expensive! … you could get a cs atom clock for that money :slight_smile: