OB2 Safe to Install?

My Specs:
Macbook 2017
Catalina 10.15.4
Analog Keys OS 1.40A
Ableton Live 10.1.13

Currently running Overbridge 2.0.35 beta and things are working, but I haven’t used it enough to feel as though I put it through it’s paces. Everything seems to work as expected.

My laptop keeps notifying me of the official OB2 release, but all I’ve read on here sounds like a nightmare.
SO, should I just sit tight wait for the next release, or is it Safe to Install?
If I do install, what should I look out for and expect considering my specs,

THANKS to anyone who helps!

the last beta was working fine for me, but I went ahead and installed the final version of OB2 on release anyway, and it’s still working great (on a Mac, running Mojave)

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RAD, everything seems to be working great!

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