Obie Matrix6r

Anyone ever own one of these? I may buy one for $300 but the downside is the programming like to hear from others that have it or had it?

Yes, and I love it despite the ancient MIDI implementation. It’s a modulation monster, but forget about going crazy with it live (too slow to process a lot of changes).

By the way, I was looking for templates for this today (since I’m putting my studio back together again finally…) and stumbled on some Remote SL templates today (in case you have one of these controllers):

By the way, $300 is a very decent price for this synth. I paid $350 5 years ago…
G/l cosmo!

Had a Remote Zero but only a BCR2000 now… The guy is waiting for the best offer on this I am not going to budge on mine of $300 and not deeply upset if I don’t get it… Currently all my pad and strings are via Roland and figured a different sound would be nice plus I am free of cancer for the 2nd and figure I would reward myself…

The Matrix 6/6R can is great for pads, brass, and weird shit fx as well. It has a bunch of esoteric modulation possibilities (from my point of view). It’s always nice to not really be wanting something, though, so if your offer is accepted: bonus.

By the way, I’m glad to hear you’re doing well, healthwise. It’s sooooo much much more important than all these toys we play with!

Edit: also, BCR2000, although a great programmable controller, is really not the right one for the 6R. The only way I was able to program mine to work with the 6R, was via an intermediate piece of s/w called Matrix2001, I programmed CC’s on the BCR, and the software would convert them to sysex for the Matrix. Unfortunately, this s/w does not work with Windows 7 (only XP), The whole thing was a mess, requiring a computer between the controller and the synth (YUCK).

Anyway, I’m itching to try the Novation templates!!

I paid $300 for one 15 years ago, so don’t be surprised if someone offers up to $450. If I had $400 burning a hole in my pocket I’d purchase another one, it’s a great machine. Programming through the membrane keys is a pain but not that bad, As pointed out it will choke if you try to send it a lot of MIDI very fast but plocking it with an OT or MNM should be fine. Also, you can do crazy things with the internal modulation matrix, in fact that’s what turned me on to modular synthesis to start with.

if you can score a Matrix 100 for less I’d jump at it - you can actually edit it using an editor and it is essentially exactly the same synth engine.
Just my 2 cents worth.

Haven’t heard back so I assume the dude got a better offer… No big deal I will just wait for something else to come along like an ESQ-1 or SQ-80… The more I read about these the more interesting they sound…

a matrix 1000 would be nice as well. i had one a while ago and apart from the fact that there’re no knobs to turn on the front panel, with a patch editor and the use of its modulation matrix, you can get great sounds out of it. i would get one if i had some ‘spare’ cash around :slight_smile: