Octa, A4, DT & DN audio and MIDI wiring options

Hi everyone,

So after selling off a few things I have purchased another Octatrack mk2. My intention is to have an all Elektron case that I can pull out when I have some spare time.

I’d like your ideas on how it should be wired up please?

My initial though was to have the DT going to Octatrack A&B and the DN going to the A4 inputs then in to C&D.
The MIDI side is confusing me a little. Should I have the DT as clock master for tempo per pattern?

DT out to Octa in
Octa thru to DN in
DN thru to A4 in
A4 out to DT in

I’d then have Octa out to a MiDI cable to connect to an external Nord Lead A1R on occasion.

What do you think? Would there be a better way?

I’ve also got to find some low profile MIDI cables



I’ve been using the same setup + a Rytm also and have tried many different midi routings…
It’s not easy to use chains and be able to still use everything…
the scale and chord mode mode is really good on the DN but the midi arp is awesome on the OT as well… and u need to use both the outs to use them both…

I ended up getting a seperate midi keyboard then using a midi thru box to go to them all
and find that works the best for me…
The audio routing is much easier deal with…
would like to hear other people’s opinions on this too tbh…

some type of midi interface that you plug all the ins and outs to would be best but I couldn’t find anything suitable

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Maybe on of these for the midi…
I may end up getting one myself

Thanks for replying Dan,

I did have an iConnectivity Midi4+ which would have done the trick here but sold it ages ago. :man_facepalming:

I’m trying to keep everything in this case and just plug a midi cable out to a synth when needed. I’ve got a three way thru box so maybe adding a small merge box to would help.

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If Midi 2.0 ever happens it would make midi routing so much easier.
have to wait and see on that one though

Blokas midihub

I need to take a closer look at this. :+1:

Update: Looks like a simplified Midi4+, but in a good way.

Looks like you need more room for cables.


I have the audio cables I need with compact right angle plugs.

The MIDI cables are more of a problem. I might have to wire up some custom leads and leave the plastic outer cover off, carefully bend the plug and cover it in heat shrink sleeving. First I’ll have a look for compact plugs.

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Your MIDI arrangements are fine for what you seem to want, although you might want to use the Analog Four’s MIDI Thru instead of its MIDI Out; there is no need for any additional MIDI routing hardware.

Do remember that as of OS 1.40 the Analog Four can also store tempo per pattern, and it has a Song Mode.

If you are live sampling then there may be some advantage to the Octatrack being the clock source. The OT also has the most developed song (Arranger) mode.


Thank you, Peter. I was hoping I could set this up without the need for any further devices.
I think I need to connected it all as originally planned and test it out. Then I can decide if anything needs changing.


No. You can program this thing. Way more powerful

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I’m going to have a good look into this thing tonight. :+1:

Just coming back here to say I found some low profile MIDI cables and they’re perfect, the same depth as the right angle jack cables so makes for a (relatively) neat solution.

I still want to make one of the neat power solutions from the OP, love that idea.


I have little bit similar.
But if you want use OT arranger, change midi:
DT out OT in
OT out DT in
DT thrue DN in
DN thrue A4 in
A4 thrue …


Nice find! Thanks for sharing.

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