Octa Config? (2x)AudioSource thru 2 diff.Fx to master out

I am looking to figure this out if you can assist.

Audio -> AB->Fx(reverb/filter)->–____
_____ > Master Out
Audio -> CD->Fx(lofi/spatial) ->—

I am looking to probably separate AB audio coming from sources containing synths/bass/fx and CD coming from other sources comprised of drums/perc.

I am essentially looking to have each pair of inputs go thru a different path of Fx prior to Master out.

Ch 1 Flex
Ch2 Flex
Ch3 Flex
Ch4 Flex
(1-4 for playing existing loops on device already imported in)

Ch5,6,7 (???)

WHAT DO I NEED TO DO ON CH 5,6,7 as far as settings in order to have 1 channel have incoming audio AB go through one set of FX and audio CD go through a different set of FX?

Ch8 Master out

I appreciate any guidance on this matter of setting up incoming audio in for a desired dual audio signal path then returning for master out.

Look into through machines.
They are very flexible to set up.


Is it your experience if you are playing loops and have incoming audio where you put what machines?

Do you recommend putting incoming signals in _ channel vs _ channel for this or that reason?

What is your approach in where you put each channel/machine type ?

Is there more right way than others?

Thru machines will allow me to route each incoming signal to its own set of FX and then pass to the master?

I appreciate your time to respond

Well, this is really something that maybe everyone I guess does different.

How I do it:

First of all I have preset templates made.
That means, I can load a project that has a special purpose.
And I save it immediately as new with different name not to mess something up. And I have backups of it.

One Project is a drumcomputer.
Another one is only a mixer. You really could just stick two turntables into the ot, and use it as dj mixer.
Another project has a/b input, and uses cue as outs, feeded into c/b. With this project I use pedals.

And so on.

If you find something suitable to your own setup, then save it, improve it, rename it, etc.
It takes time to make this projects, but yeah, you choose what is good for you.


When using a thru machine, try not to put it on track 4, as you are not able to turn track 5 into a ‘Neighbour’ machine to mangle with further fx.
I always tend to turn track 8 into a master channel for compression and delay/glitch effect.


All tracks go through Master track, and I you run out of tracks, it’s good to know that mixer DIR goes through Master track too.

You can set any type of track anywhere, except Neighbor tracks on tracks 1 and 5, and Master track is on track 8 only.


Thank you~ seriously

This is why I did the thread…learn some great tips!

Thank you!

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Connect synths to inputs A&B
Connect drums to inputs C&D

Track 1: Flex machine: sample playback
Track 2: Flex machine: sample playback
Track 3: Flex machine: sample playback
Track 4: Flex machine: sample playback

Track 5: Thru machine, inputs A&B; FX2 = reverb
Track 6: Neighbour machine; FX1 = filter
Track 7: Thru machine, inputs C&D; FX1 = lofi; FX2 = spatial

Track 8: Master track only if you want additional effects to apply to all other tracks.
Otherwise you don’t need anything on Track 8.

Note that if you want to apply filter before reverb to your synths, you only need Track 5.


I am going need to sit down and read this a few times.

This looks like the insight that may be what I needed!

Appreciate ya~

Thank you Peter!


What do you use with your Octa if you don’t mind me asking?

I use everything.

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Even moo boxes? :content:
Their filter is great.