Octa thru track weirdness?

Hey! So I’m definitely new to the octa but have made real good progress learning. I’m working on a track right now, utilizing patterns to build. Basically running tracks 1-4 with samples, track 5 is thru to my model:cycles, and track 6 is my thru to my analog 4.

Patterns 1-4 have worked and triggered everything as expected but for some reason when I get to pattern 5, no matter what I do I can’t trigger my cycles thru track. This is the same situation for subsequent patterns after 5. I have a trig at the top of my non working pattern and have literally been copy/pasting patterns up to this point. I’m sure it’s something stupid I’m missing but has anyone experienced this? Thanks in advance!

maybe a few infos/screenshots on your Thrutrack config would help.

You got a trig on step one … right? It’s not cued? A/B selected as input (if that’s where the M:C is connected to)?

Might Pattern 5 use a different Part from Patterns 1-4? (By default, it’ll use the Part you were using before you started editing Pattern 5, but maybe you set it to a different one somehow?)

Not sure what you try to do. A through track lets you route external audio through OT’s effects. For ‘triggering’ an external device, I believe you rather need to set up a Midi track, but I might have misunderstood what you want to achieve with the trigs (apart from the one on step 1 required to ‘activate’ a through track).

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Yeah everything’s as you say… here’s a couple screenshots for ya, let me know if seeing anything else would be helpful? Hahaha the forum only lets me post one at a time because I’m new so I can respond again if you need shots of anything else.Thanks so much for taking the time.!

This is a real good spot… unfortunately it was on the same part as everything previous =\

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Inputs AB selected, but Peak lights for CD light up? Is M:C correctly coming in?


Oh man I’m a jackass, I wasn’t copying over my midi triggers properly in conjunction :man_facepalming: Wow thank you much. Appreciate y’all being patient with a beginner!


Yes I actually have a4 running through CD as well! Just found the solution from the MIDI comment above, feel like a dope hahaha. Thanks so much for taking the time, what a great forum.