Octababy and Sp404?

I know they are both samplers. Im curious to if the sp404 compliments the octatrack at all? Has anyone ever used them both and if you did what where the results?

IMO Octatrack doesn’t need a SP404 much. There’s already more than enough to keep you busy on the OT alone.

If you really want to compliment the OT, maybe think about FX you really need, e.g. a little RNC compressor, or ‘all-in-one’ ZOIA, or an analog filter/distorsion such as AH.


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The octatrack plays nice with whatever gear you have. If you have an SP-404 it will play mice with that. Here are some of the things I have enjoyed using the OT with:

Nord Micro Modular
Various eurorack cases with midi to CV
vola keys
Moogerfoogers and other pedals
Murmux mk2

Basically if you can run audio into the OT any piece of gear is fun with the OT, and if you can control it with midi you can do even more.

Have fun with your OT :slight_smile:


Thanks for the replies. Kinda silly question i should have looked. Every blue moon i try to post something with substance. Id hate to clog the internet up with repeated questions. Sorry pete

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In my opinion the SP404 is a very unique tool that complements other samples (such as the Octatrack, Digitakt, MPC) in a ways that if fundamentally different from them mostly because of two reasons: no file management (as it exists in other samplers) and super easy resampling.

While I wouldn’t really consider using the 404 as a sample sequencer nor as a FX processor if there’s a better alternative (such as the OT), I think when it comes to recording, processing (using the built in fxs) and resampling sounds it’s an incredible tool. While it’s definitely possible to do something similar on the OT and other samplers, sometimes just the fact that I have to choose a filename, file location, keep track of storage and etc deters me from sampling on these other machines.
The SP-404 basically removes those barriers and let me have a much more ephemeral approach to sampling and resampling that I think is super valuable and unique. I think it’s a really great sample sketchpad.

I’ve had a lot of fun sampling sounds into the SP-404, resampling and combining them into loops and then transferring those loops to the OT so I can use them in songs and more evolved musical ideas.

I haven’t been using both of them at the same time but I often use both tools in separate stages of my creative process.


Wow dude. Epic reply. Thank you so much. Excellent detail. Maybe ill grab one just to try and create some samples on my own and send then to the octa.
I :cupid: my Octa


Right on! Simplicity makes the 404 an easy grab when on the move or just looking to chill.

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