Octaktrack MKII Led Brightness Issue


When I turned on my Octatrack today I realized that it had a problem with the brightness of the LED on the trig button n°04:

  • When this one is not selected it glows almost blue. pic01

  • Finally when I sequence a trig, the brightness of the red is really lower than the other trig. pic02

  • The green one is not impacted.

Do you already have this problem?

Thanks in advance for your answers!


I only see red pic, looks normal, try to upload the other pictures, it is most likely a partially dead LED.


Thanks for your quick answer, indeed, on the picture we can see very badly!

The one in the link above the photo, you can see the blue in the trig 4.

Re -

After some tests in the “TESTMOD” when we restart the octatrack with the “FUNC” button pressed, the led shines red correctly, that is to say like the others. Moreover, the blue has also disappeared after these tests.

I have no more problem after these tests and the reboot !

What a funny bug, I hope I won’t have to face it again!

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