Octatrack & 0-coast setup question

Hey all - I’m having some trouble setting up my 0-coast with the OT. I have the midi channel set to 1 (and the auto midi channel set to 1), and the 0-coast is receiving a midi signal (as it lights up when i press trigs in chromatic mode) but I’m not getting any sound from it. I have the line out from the 0-coast to input A.

What am I missing here? I would appreciate any help, I’m pretty new to the OT! Thank you!

On a separate track set a THRU machine. Set source to input A. Set trig on 1st trig of sequence. Hit play.

Should work.

Now you can add FX to the sound of your input. Welcome to the OT :upside_down_face:


Ok! I’m getting sound now but it is very quiet - I have the dir + gain in the mixer of A all the way up. Any fix for that?

You should be able to go to the track and in the AMP page increase the volume. Mixer should not need tweaking if you are using a THRU machine.

SRC has a volume as well but it will affect your gain staging…

EDIT: Also not sure how the 0-Coast works but I know with my DFAMs if I use a balanced cable the sound is very weak compared to an unbalanced cable because of phasing issues.

it doesn’t probably relate to your setup issue, but you haven’t grasped what teh auto channel is for

the auto channel should be a unique channel number, it’s used to allow an external controlling device to act like a local controller, but for the given selected track, this would make it automatic when you change tracks (rather than having to select the specific track channel on the external device whenever you changed tracks)

so put it back to the default channel number and look at the manual

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You can add compresor in first fx and crank up a grain. I use it with M32.

Are you using the cable supplied with the 0-coast for the audio ? Cause that one is stereo… Might be the problem, try a mono one like this;


Page 10 of the manual make this clear:

NOTE: If connecting the 0-Coast to a mixer or interface with Balanced inputs, use a TS (mono) cable (Fig. 13).

Otherwise the left channel and right channel cancel each other, because the Octatrack thinks they are inverted copies of the same mono signal.


Wish I knew more about the 0-coast but glad I had a hunch about it being like the DFAM. Hopefully @monodaze doesn’t go crazy over phase issues haha

You should be in business now (assuming you have a spare mono cable laying around)!

Or if you have a stereo 1/8" to stereo 1/4" splitter and just plug in the left channel.

Ah, I appreciate it! The 0-coast was given to me by a friend & he didn’t know where the manual was so I’ve been winging it haha. Thank you, I’ll take a look into some different cables.

This should happen on a balanced input, not on OT 's inputs…

The inputs are balanced on the OT mk2 (but not on the mk1).

It’s here: http://www.makenoisemusic.com/manuals/0-coast_manual.pdf

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Ah ok, right. I have mkI so went with its specs.