Octatrack and composing music (techno,house,romanian)

Hi everyone. I have been playing with OT, i have questions

  1. I would mess around using a few lfo, hold to pitch to write melodies. Its a bit hard to tame. How are people finding it? Anyone have tips on this?

  2. Please recommend me some reference Techno labels, not industrial though.

  3. I think techno is like a landscape, interaction between elements, percussive elements, groovy, rhythmic, bit like musique concrete.
    Am i missing some concepts about techno ?

  4. Hows everyone producing techno on OT? Dance music genres in particular, house, romanian. Im interested to learn about the music genre concepts and the music writing techniques.

I apologize, maybe offtopic, but … Every time I come across such questions, I remember myself and OT in my hands 10 years ago. Then he did not know more than half of what he can now. The firmware started from 0.xx and then I also wondered “How to work on it at all, what can I do with it and what can I do on it? Now, 10 years later, to the question” How and What? " I always answer “As you want, buddy, as you want.” The greatest device.
And as for techno specifically, with some skill you can make it so that after pressing the “play” button, the octatrack will play the tracks of this genre by itself without repeating or annoying.
Success in creativity. Best regards.


I always end up doing techno on the OT :smiley: even an hip hop project magically become techno on that thing.

Anyway saying techno is too much of wide range.

Anyway for every techno genre the kick and bass is the foundation so you should always have that set up solid. I always think that if I can dance all night on a kick and bass it means I’m on the right track and then I can add on.
Techno is layering sound a lot and add little details which make things interesting, so resampling and PLock are your friends.
The nice thing about techno is that you can give a defined frequency range to each elements, mixing and creating become one process.

I don’t know your set up but a little mono synth will give you a lot more possibilities. Synths are an infinite sample library and often just randomly twisting knobs give you interesting sounds. Add the fact you’ll sample in the OT and you have techno for days.

Anyway any YouTube videos of any DAW/Hardware will let you understand a lot. If you like a technique you see on Ableton Live you can probably replicate on the Octatrack.

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