Octatrack and Leipzig-S Clock-Problem


I have a strange Problem with my Octatrack and I hope someone can help me.

I got an Analogue Solutions Leipzig-S Monosynth and the internal analog Sequencer works perfect with the Octatrack-Clock and Transport-Commands. Everything is playing in sync.

When i try to sequence the Leipzig with the Octatrack the sequence will not be played correct. It took my hours to find the problem and I turned all Midi-Settings off.

It´s the Octatrack-Clock. When i deactivate the Clock my sequence is playing correct and when i activate the Octatrack-Clock the actual Note freezes and the tone is holding.

I returned the Leipzig and got a new Device today. The Dealer tested the Leipzig with an Octatrack (with activated clock) before sending it to me and he told me it would work fine but i have still the same problem here.

I tested the Leipzig with my Arturia Beatstep and it worked fine.

Why does the Octatrack-Clock cause this problem? Is there some Midi-Command which will be automatically send when the Clock is activated?

Maybe someone has or had the same Setup and has an idea.

Thx in advance.

Maybe this Video helps to find the solution:

Which setting for ‘Sync Source’ did you use on the Leipzig?

I turned the Sync-Source-Knob all the way to the right. This should disable the internal Sequencer.

why would you disable the sync on the leipzig but send it from the octatrack?? :confused:

I disabled the Sync Source because I don’t want to use the internal Analog Sequencer. I want to sequence the Leipzig with the Octatrack-Sequencer.This Setting works fine with my Arturia Beatstep.

I will install a Midi-Monitor-Software today to check the Signals from the Octatrack.

so far so good, i understand…but then, why do you want to send a clock from the octattrack when you disable the “receiving” on the leipzig…doesn’t make any sense to me…thats why i ask

The Manual says the Sync-Source is only for triggering the internal Sequencer. You have to disable it for normal Midi-Use (Keyboard or Sequencer).

The Octatrack-Clock is needed to send the sequence in correct BPM-Speed to the Leipzig-S and all my other Synthesizers - or is that wrong?

That’s not correct.

When the Octatrack sequencer is running, it sends MIDI note messages to other gear so that the sounds play at the right time.

The Octatrack can send MIDI clock messages to other gear when you want the sequencer on the other gear to run at the same tempo as the OT.

Thx for your answer. I always thought the clock is needed to sequence my gear in the correct speed.

Now I found a solution for my setup and changed the order of my gear:

Now the Rytm sends the Clock & Start-Command to the Analog Four and Octatrack and the Octatrack sequences the Leipzig and all my other Gear without the clock.

Everything works fine now :+1:

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