Octatrack arp

I am unable to get the arp to work with the octatrack tracks. Clearly i am doing something wrong. Any tips?

Do you talk about midi tracks ?

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Make sure your notes are long enough!

(We need more info tho to be more helpful - what did u already try?)

I am trying to arp an audio track in the octatrack. Note length is long enough. I have an arp set up on the arp page. Is there something i need to do to route this to say track one?

I think you’ll need to use a MIDI loopback to do this, and I’ve never done that before so I’m going to let someone else help you ^^


The arp is for MIDI tracks which are used to sequence external MIDI gear, the audio tracks do not have an arp and there is no internal routing between OT MIDI and audio tracks (shut up @sezare56 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:). The only way to this would be to connect a MIDI cable from OT’s MIDI out to MIDI in, which is not so straight forward and involves some semi complex settings…


OK. I see. I suspected this might be the case. I suppose lfo designer might achieve this for me. Thanks for your help elektronauts.


Yes, LFO designer modulating pitch.


you could also just plock an arp pattern too. Could be made faster with copy and pastings. But yeah no audio arp unfortunately. What is the nature of the audio you want to arp? Is it like a synth note, or a vinyl sample?

Yeah, synth notes and noisy pad stuff.

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Gonna be a lil tedious, but yeah Plocking pitch on the steps you want should be in the ballpark

Yep, LFO designer is your friend.

Especially when you want an really fast arp sequence which should modulate in between steps.

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You can also resample your p-locked synth notes into a sample chain and use LFO on the slice parameter to create an arp. You can get some pretty interesting variations depending on how you order the notes in the chain and by changing to depth and speed of the LFO.


and as @tengig said, MIDI loopback is another option, plugging a midi cable from the midi out to the midi in. default setting is that audio track 1 is midi channel 1, 2 is 2, and so on… You only have the 2 octave range, and the rest of the midi notes sends commands as record and whatnot. But it’s way more fun than the lfo designer, if you want it to sound musical.


Thanks for the tips all!

Out of curiosity, why do you find the arp to be more fun than the lfo designer?

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Just tried this. Very cool. Thanks.

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I find the arp to be really customisable and using P Locks you can come up with some great sequences.

I haven’t used midi loop back for a while but when I did use it it worked pretty well. I wouldn’t rule it out.

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cause you can play the arp, record the playing, limit the notes to a certain scale, decide which arp steps are on or off… it’s a much quicker and natural workflow for me


Arp with midi loopback is much more musical.
You can use several midi tracks on the same midi channel corresponding to an audio track.
Random arp, Octave range (out of range = no note), random lfos on arp length / speed / transpose, velocity (VEL = 0 > no note), defined scale, trig conditions, lfos on CCs…

Lfo designer is more limited, 16 defined notes only, but you can randomize them with another lfo modulating lfo designer’s speed randomly.

Both used here. Lfo designer for low range, midi loopback and arp for higher notes. Noise + Comb filters / Compressor only.