Octatrack arranger test!

I’m wondering if many people use the arranger? I’ve realised that it comes in handy when wanting to record each track individually into a DAW or what ever you’re using. It takes time but doesn’t bother me too much. Anyways here was my first arranger test. Hope you lot enjoy…


Looking to use the arranger extensively very soon (need to restructure the studio first) so this was inspiring - great to hear!

You used any midi tracks or is it pure OT audio tracks?

Love it!

Glad you listened and shared with the gang! I think this is a great example of something I never got my head around on the OT. This and your other videos kind of pushed me over the edge so my 3rd attempt at life with the OT is waiting for collection at the post office. Gonna have to wait to Saturday though :frowning:

This is really good - nice work :slight_smile:

Really happy to hear that it was inspiring. No midi tracks on this one. It took me bloody ages to get round to fixing it all properly. Getting it mixed within the Octatrack is a mission. The lazy man in me still wishes there was 8 outputs in it.

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Wow, 3rd attempt? as in you’ve sold it twice? I do understand though, I’m without a studio at the moment so I find myself putting it away when I’m a bit lost on it. Then I focus on something else for a while and then when I get it back out it always feels brand new and I feel like bad for neglecting my baby.


Cheers chap!

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Really nice track

Yeah sold it twice haha. First time I got in to one hell of a rut having bought heaps of shit that just muddied the waters no end. So flogged pretty much everything. Instant regret on the OT so got hold of one again and just didn’t find a groove with it. Been a while now but already got the love/hate thing going 3rd time around!

Presuming I can sell the stuff I’m trying to move on I think I will follow something similar. Have the OT to hand but not something to automatically turn on when it comes to music. Sort of like the option to have when I’m fed up with Ableton/Maschine.