Octatrack as a sound driver for the speakers!

My focusrite just went out the mail for repair (yeah, right, hopefully a replacement)
So now my PC and all my synths are voiceless!

Wait a minute, my HDMI connection provides audio, the monitor come out the octatrack and voila, i got sound again!!! THANKS for making 4 channel inputs into the OT! Brilliant!

Made a channel a thru machine (im a total newbie with the OT), and sometimes it needs a bit of “play” to start streaming… But now i got sounds… Sampling remains a bit misterious despite some utube vids… Needs work but i got some weird stuff out already!

I love my octatrack, saved my week without a sound interface!

If you are just running audio in and out, try opening the mixer screen and turning up your input levels there. Skips the thru machine.

Or keep the thru machine and start adding a comb filter to your youtube watching, start to get a taste of some of your effect options.

cant follow … pictures by chance? — hope all goes well with your focusrite repair!

Thanks guys! Thanks for the suggestions, can’t wait (in a couple of days) to try them…

How do you connect HDMI to the Octatrack ???

He uses his monitor/screen->PC/MAC -> HDMI -> Monitor/Screen -> 3,5mm jack audio out -> Octatrack audio in. :+1:
Because his audio interface (Focusrite) is out for repair. :wink:
Have fun.

you could also turn on wlan in the octatrack and stream directly via airplay. :wink: