Octatrack:be or not to be…

Hello everyone! I have one question for the forum participants, maybe it was asked here more than a dozen times, but I would like to get advice from you lads and lasses. I now have a maschine mk3, syntact, digitakt and digitone. Is there any point in adding an octatrak to this collection, can it add something that this quartet lacks or it’d be a waste of time and money ,overlapping the functionality.
Thank you :pray:t3:

It depends on what your requirements are. If it was me having the setup you mentioned, I‘d go Octatrack an sell the Maschine MK3. But you might also regret it, if you like the Maschine Workflow, Effects and a different approach better.

In case you know someone with an Octatrack, try it for a while and decide afterwards.


and lasses.

probably overkill but mainly depends upon what you intend to use it for. and maybe you don’t know that yet and just want to explore it and see what comes from that. so borrow one, or buy it with a CC from a place with a 30 day return window. see what it does for you, and whether you feel like you even want to keep it first, then decide if you still need the rest.


If you plan to still use the digi trinity, the octatrack can be a very good performance mixer.


It would add something for sure, but I think more than 2 Elektron sequencers is too much. (OT + ST for me). Maybe Digi Trinity is ok…

You have to try it a (few) week(s) to be sure imo. Impossible to know if you’d like it or not on paper or watching videos

Concerning money you may sell something if you like the Octatrack.

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I like maschine for it’s possibilities but one thing bothered me,this is recording into DAW.Anyway to mix all your tracks you have to record it separately.
how does it look on the octatrack?

You record live into the octatrack, add effects then resample, then slice and rearrange the beat then cue out to syntakt FX block, you still didn’t stop the sequencer.


Will it be possible to record an audio signal from octatrack through Syntakt via overbridge?
Anyway it sounds interesting,thank you :wink:

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Maybe I can jump in with a question regarding this as well, as an owner of an A4 and AR.

I’m coming from using Ableton for a long time, so things have been very sample and FX based. With the AR I like having the track accessible and the overview, as I often use many drums, p-locking samples to get more out of each track.

But the intrigue of stereo and fx, mangling and resampling (Mk1 AR owner) I’m really thinking about selling to buy a Mk1OT.
Is it kinda annoying to use OT this way? Can I without a lot of hassle make swingy, played by-hand intricate grooves?

If you don’t know then you don’t need it.


I love my OT, but I would suggest that you continue learning what you have. You have plenty of song making power already.




No velocity sensitive on the OT, if you are used to make your groove by hitting pads you will be disapointed.

So there are pros and cons as usual.
I really like the fader and all stuff that could be done with it.are there any examples of replicating this functionality in other gear or daw?

Drambo for iOS, Ableton with Max iirc. @chapelierfou didn’t you made a script for that ?

With a midi processor you can also assign several CCs with min/max from only 1 incoming CCs.

OT : up to 250 parameters. :sun_with_face:

I don’t own an octatrack, but I think you have more than enough to work with in the digi trinity. The octatrack has a steep learning curve and would probably overlap with your digitakt. I have a digitakt and the 404 mkii, and the mkii fills in for some of the digitakt’s limitations that bother me (stereo samples, more storage, time stretch, etc.). Maybe consider something like that if you’re looking to add a different sampler to your alter your set up

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There is no rig in the world without an Octatrack, where the addition of the Octatrack wouldn’t add something you can’t find elsewhere.

Whether or not you want that something, is another matter.

I was on the OT for years. I’m not anymore. On a regular basis, I think “Time to get back to the OT.”

Maybe one day, I will. I’ve certainly not come across anything after the OT that’s remotely like it. Which is part of the reason I’m not back on it. I just don’t need that black magic right now.

But maybe one day …


To me, that sounds like a lot to manage already. Adding an OT might just slow you down.
Or it might be just what you need, if eg it could replace Maschine for you. But it probably can’t because they’re quite different.
I’d suggest: if you have a good thing going, don’t change it. If you have a definite lack, maybe.


Yes, I thought about 404mk2 because of its fast operation and good effects, after some thoughts that I came up with, I remember that the machine can do the same.
Am I wrong?

Wise words.:ok_hand:t2::wink: