Octatrack button problems


i have problems with some buttons on my OT. I recognized it mostly for the left and down arrow buttons. For 20 presses or so they might work, but then they don’t react correctly, delayed or even not at all. I have to press them really hard several times till the react. It happens quite randomly.
So today I did an empty reset, I did a format card and I updated the OS. Still there.

Would you send it to Elektron (no warranty), or should I try to replace those two buttons? They are still selling replacements hopefully?

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You should search for the cleaning/replacing tips and maybe also speak to support about parts or/and repair options

I always try simple Google image searches e…g this one to hunt down potentially useful DIY threads

There’s almost certainly an existing OT thread on this (although the info applies to most boxes)


Hey, how did you solve this problem back then? Unfortunately I have the same problem. : /

I sent it to elektron and they fixed it