Octatrack card damaged pins, any repair in UK? Please help

Hi everyone,
I have been learning a lot from this forum about my Octatrack, and this is my first post.
Unfortunately I removed my Octa card to test another machine, and although I tried my best to be careful, I have damaged one of the pins when I tried to insert the card again.
I have opened a ticket with Elektron about 10 days ago but no reply, and I really would like to get the card reader repaired as this is my only instrument and I can’t do anything till it’s fixed. Does anybody know if I can get it repaired anywhere in the UK?
I’m aware that Elektron offer to repair it at their HQ but the brexit customs problems would probably delay it even longer.
Thank you in advance for any advice,

Try these:




Thank you! I’ll give them a call today

This guy fixed the resonance pot on my 303, replaced all the tact switches and fitted the Midibass 303 mod for a very reasonable price. Well recommended on other forums.

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Just a word on The Synth Prof. He is great but very much works to his own schedule so if you’re in any kind of rush, I would probably consider elsewhere.

assuming you can get hold of the new socket any guy with smd soldering skills should be able to do it. i suspect sourcing the socket may be the most difficult part.

Thank you everyone!
I don’t know where I could source the new socket unfortunately.
I’ll try to get in touch with the people you suggested and see what is the cheapest option.
You guys are very helpful!

if you/your service find out the replacement part number, please share with us.

Yes for sure! I wrote to all of the suggestions above, let’s see if anybody will get in touch :slight_smile:

Most camera repair shops repair damaged CF card pins as they still use CF cards in cameras and this is a common problem. I fixed my own Nikon with damaged pins just took a few minutes. The mechanism will be the same


I empathize with your troubles. Unfortunately I’m far from the UK, otherwise I would have fixed OT for you for free. Often it is necessary to repair CF socket in various devices. Specifically, with such a breakdown, you can not change the entire socket as a whole and get by with replacing just one pin.

Out of curiosity, is the pin bent or broken off entirely? You may be able to carefully nudge it back in line if the former. Obviously it’d be better to pay someone with the tools and skills to do so for you :wink:

Oh maybe I can ask some camera repair shops online! thank you

You’re very kind, thank you!

It seems only one is bent, I tried to straight it with small tweezers but can’t really see what I’m doing so I stopped to avoid more damage. I wish I had steady hands! :slight_smile:

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apparently glass of wine helps to achieve it :slight_smile: