Octatrack Controlling Ableton


Can anyone explain how I can get the OT to control Ableton. I’m quite confused on how its set up.

I do have the OT Midi out to the midi in.

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I did this at the weekend. So from memory :

In midi setup in ableton you’ll see the ‘midi in’ relating to the midi interface you’ve connected the (midi out) of your Octatrack to.
click on sync button in Ableton for that input.

Now they’ll be an ‘ext’ button in the top left of your main view in ableton. Click on this so it goes yellow. Ableton is now slaved to the Ocatrack (providing you have ‘send mid clock’ and ‘send transport’ enabled in the midi sync page on the Octatrack.)

Basically once you’ve selected ‘sync’ on a ‘midi in’ connection in Ableton’s midi setup page it allows you to select that as a clock source.

Hope that helps.


Thanks, I can get transport to work however, when I place trigs I can’t get any sound from Ableton?

because those triggers do not mean anything to ableton:
u either need to route midi from octatrack into some vst… or teach ableton to play a row of samples or what ever, by using the midi-learn function…
Cant tell you how to do it on the spot… didnt use ableton in donkey-years but
i do remember, that “on its own” it doesnt make noise when you send it midi
you gotta tell ableton what to do with it first…


I’m routing it to the a VST already, no sound so not sure if I’m doing something wrong .

Just set the midi in on which ever channel in Ableton to ‘all midi ins’ and then route it to your vst instrument (or out to an external synth if you prefer)
Then either set record enable on that track, or set monitor to ‘in’ and the output of the octatrack will come through that channel.

edit… you know this will only work with midi channels right ?

Got it working, had to select the midi channel on the OT which was hitting the playback button twice…doh!

One thing though how can I use the step sequencer to play chords, I know it can play 3 three notes at once, however say I want a c , f chord.

Do I have to individually place the notes for a c and f chord respectively?

i’m wondering, would one be able to change time signatures while having the OT controling Live?
for example;

setting up pattern one at 4/4 and pattern two at 6/4.
would Ableton follow these changes?

i discovered this week that maschine doesnt allow for time sig changes from scene to scene, which is really lame. [unless of course, you use a DAW]
or maybe i am missing something…