Octatrack cv sync via Korg Volca?

I know, something like this have been discussed here before, but I have a little twist in my question :slight_smile:

I plan to combine OT with one of my square wave generator modules, which has a cv sync only. As I understand, OT doesn’t send any cv information, only MIDI. So what would be the best workaround?
I already own Korg Volca Sample and it has cv gate and also MIDI in, so theoretically I can sync it to my modules and also OT.
The question is -
Instead of spending cash on expensive midi to cv modules, can I use Korg Volca to do this? Will it work that that way?
And then again - can you recommend not-too-expensive midi to cv modules?


The volca can take audio sync triggers - Korg even offer an app to send those triggers, so the OT is hot enough, use the Cue outs to send clock pulses to the Volca (or monotribe which has no midi usually)
I don’t know if the OT will be hot enough to clock your other box, but if you can sync it with the volcanic then the answer is yes
The advantage of this is that you can set the clock speed depending on how many trigs you use (inc retriggers) and you can also swing the pulses
I also imagine if the audio pulse wan’t hot enough it’d be easy to hack something cheap together for this role with a battery and a few components
record the Korg sync out to an editor, normalise and trim it and load it in the OT, assign track to Cue and use one out for sending those voltage pulses