Octatrack : Different Sample OR Sample Tone on Same Sequence Step

Hello Elektronauts,

I am working on the octatrack mk1 and I was wondering if there is any way to do the following:

Suppose we have a pattern of 64 steps. I would like to trigger a sample on step 1 and then , THE NEXT TIME we reach
step 1 (i.e. when the sequence starts over again) , to trigger another sample OR the same sample on a different tone!

I am not sure there is a way to do this even with the conditional trigs.
However it would seem handy especially if it would be a functionality inside the conditional trigs;
so lets say condition 1/2 triggers sample X and then condition 2/2 - ON THE SAME STEP - triggers sample Y.


Sample chain with an LFO modulating the start value?


Conditional Trigs operate on the activation (or not) of a Trig only - they’ll never operate on the nature of that trig (or locks) (i.e. same step variation control won’t occur on one track but you could do it over two tracks using the (not)NEI condition on step 1 of track 2 looking at the track 1 conditional trig on step 1) … there are a few good threads discussing all this stuff

There’s a workaround to have a trig on step 2 micro-timed all the way to its left that can be an alternative to step one - setting those up together is trivial, the second can be (not)PRE e.g. but will be a few ms late

LFO (or manual) modulation of a chain would be my suggestion too …


Once I used an lfo on slices for a 4 bar loop.
IIRC, the only problem was after stop / play again the sequencer, the Slice 1 was not the first one, because I had to use Free wav lfo.

I’d use random slices so it’s not a big deal for me.

First I thought the OP was talking about several samples, but for 2, I’d use the /PRE thing.

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Same here.

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Thank you all elektronauts for the responses.

I did try the microtiming and it works like a charm for 2 samples/tones. However I don’t really understand the ± values appearing in there. But again setting the microtiming all the way to the left is like pressing the previous step (can’t tell the difference in milisecs).

I’ll investigate on the lfo - chain sampling method to get it working. Any advice on that would be helpful.

Thanks again!!!

A nice alternative to the lfo’d chain is to modulate PAN with this set up:
(The bonus is that you can crossfade ie. layer the two samples, as well as switch between them)


I totally forgot about that, I read it when I first started looking at this board but never actually tried it.

@Clancy, nice trick I tried before, but I’m kind of mono allergic.
@sotokangr microtiming values are resolution ticks. 384 ticks per bar, 24 ticks per step.
-23/384 should be - 23 ticks for me.

The easiest way is to use 1/2 track scale on that track if your OK with 8th note resolution…
That way step 33 is the equivalent of step 1, second pattern cycle…


Or try this - you can still have 1/16ths resolution and you get three variations:

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