Octatrack + Digitone in Ableton - BPM

Hi Folks,
Sorry if you already replied to this but here is the situation I’m trying to resolve using a MOTU Midi Interface.

The Octatrack Midi Out to the Midi In of the Midi Interface
Midi Out from the Midi Interface to the Midi In on the Digitone
A sequence is on the Digitone
I push the “Ext” Button in Ableton

When I press play on the Octatrack,no worries the OT and DN go but the BMP of the Digitone isn’t immediately the same as the OT because of Ableton ? It goes around the one from the OT because it’s the Master clock before reaching the actual OT Bpm.

When I plug the Ot directly to the Dn, everything works fine.

Am I missing something ? :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help

I dono, I would always put the computer first or last in the chain. Maybe it would tighten up for ya.

Have you tried OT>DN>Live

It’s been a while since I’ve sent clock from my gear to the DAW, but I can remember it always talking a bar or two to catch up and get tightish.

Good luck!

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Thanks man.
No I didn’t try it yet as for now it’s OT > Midi Interface connected to the Daw by USB > Digitone. But as I said when I connect the DN directly to the OT everything is fine :slight_smile: but I’ll try other connection :slight_smile: