Octatrack/Digitone/Minilogue/Arturia Midi

Would this set up work?

Trying to sequence machines alltogether. Would this setup work?

Wish to be able to play the minilogue independantly and also the Tx7 Via the Keylab.

The Octatrack will sequence all machines.

So Arturia Midi out to Octa Midi in.
Octa out to Digitone in.
Digitone Midi Thru to Tx7 Midi in.
Tx7 Midi Thru to Minilogue Midi in.

It should work. I have similar setup but different machines.
Arturia > OT > A4 >Tr-8 >Roland Gaia
You need the proper midi setup tho.

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Kind of works, but when I hit play on the Octatrack it plays the minilogue sequencer. Also I changed the midi chanel on the TX7 to 5, and for some reason it plays on every chanel