Octatrack displaying 'Invalid Mer'

I was just using my Octatrack MKI a day ago and today I plug it into a power strip and get a message that says “Invalid Mer” upon startup. Everything that’s saved on my OT seems gone. It isn’t reading Compact Flash at all yet the card status light is green. Not sure what to do.

Power off, power on whilst holding [ FUNCTION ] then in the [ Early Startup Screen ] press [ TRIG 01] for [ TEST MODE ]

What does the screen say?


This is the screen I received

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Looks good.

Next step will be to Power off, then Power on whilst holding [ ENTER / YES ] to launch in [ DEMO MODE ]

Everything fine there?


I loaded Demo Mode successfully but in demo mode I’m not hearing anything when I press play. Should I be?

I ended up realizing that my compact flash wasn’t being read because a pin broke off the pin reader internally. I ended up getting the unit repaired by Elektron. For anyone that has the same issue.