Octatrack Electro Thread

A thread dedicated to my favourite machine & favourite genre.

If you’ve got any Electro you’ve made using the Octatrack, give it a share!


Listen to Gangster by Lloyd1h on #SoundCloud

Used the Octatrack, Virus Ti2 & OTO Boum.


I hope I don’t miss the spirit of the thread if I was mainly using Octa as ‘performance mixer’. I’d like to also note that no program changes, pattern chains or song modes were used in either of these. All arrangement is handled in real time on the fly. Also, none of the spoken samples are sequenced. All are triggered in real time by my fingers. Both pieces were run through a limiter in Renoise but are otherwise presented warts and all because there are no second takes in actual live music :0)

This one is Octatrack, Blackbox, and LXR-02. Performed live at the Substation in Seattle on 3/11/22

Here we have Octatrack, Blackbox and Syntakt. This one was performed live outdoors at the Fantagraphics Bookstore in Seattle on 7/9/22


This is fantastic!! I had to listen twice and I’m sure I’ll be back.

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Thank you! Just finished listening to those two live sets, so good! Beats are nutty and I love the vocal samples. What’s the role of the blackbox?

I basically do it like a DJ. So long story short, the BB is my ‘deck’ on the left side. It’s doing as much music as the deck on the right (Syntakt or LXR-02 in the above examples) and in the Marsupium one it’s also handling all the spoken samples. The thing is a beast and I feel like it occasionally gets short shrift because sequencing and sample mangling aren’t quite as advanced as DT or OT.

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Yes please! More @AdamJay in here!

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Stream birthday vot by undsidedly | Listen online for free on SoundCloud I’ll let you decide if this is electro or not but it’s certainly heavily inspired by it!

I might pick up an OT again, then for sure there will be more… :slight_smile:


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I have decided. It’s electro! And it rules so I followed your soundcloud.


Appreciate it! Thanks, I followed you back.

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It is my opinion that the above is a complete sentence (a poignant and deeply considered one at that!) and I don’t see why I have to type extra down here in order for this forum to display it. But I’m a professional. I’ll rise above it.


Lovely stuff, lektrons slaps!

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Awe thanks!

I picked one up. :wink: Had a quick jam tonight just to refresh the memory and have fun. Curious to hear if anyone else is making things in this vein on their Octatrack, or any Elektron gear really.


A lot was done on my Octa as well as on my Digitone for the first two tracks.


Really enjoying “Was this world ever ours?”.

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Thank you very much. Glad you like it.