Octatrack Euro/Midi Sequencing Issue


I’ve been having some issues with my sequencing setup for a while and I can’t figure it out for the life of me. Really hoping someone here can help….

Here is my routing:

Octatrack midi out > qMI 2 midi in

qMI 2 clock a out > Varigate 8+ clock in

qMI 2 reset out > Varigate 8+ reset in

For some reason this set up isn’t working. All of the midi settings on the octatrack appear to be correct. The Varigate is getting the proper clock but the reset isn’t functioning making synching things up and timing very challenging. If I swap out the octatrack for a beatstep pro everything functions as it should. Before the octatrack I also had a digitakt; that had the same issue. Really hoping someone can help me!!


Have you confirmed that you have activated TRANSPORT SEND in the OT’s PROJECT > MIDI > SYNC menu?

If so, what voltage appears at the qMI 2’s RESET output when you press the OT’s Stop and Play keys?

Note that Elektron instruments will continue sending MIDI clock when stopped (in accordance with the MIDI specification). This causes frustration for some users including those with the Vermona interfaces like you:

(The Varigate 8+ has two reset modes from firmware 2.0 onwards, although the manual does not describe how each works, so it may be worth changing the Reset mode if all else fails.)

If it turns out to be the continuous midi clock, it’s easy to program the Retrokits RK002 cable to fix this. (I don’t know how many times I have recommended this inexpensive nifty little problem solver :wink: )

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