Octatrack: External Midi Question

Hi all, before I ask my question, I’m gonna explain the setup I’m working with to better help y’all understand what I’m trying to accomplish.

So I use my octatrack as a drum machine and as a sequencer for my bass synth for a band I play in. I select an arrangement (a song for us), octatrack then starts that song and we all play along to it.

I have a roland SPD-SX i use in our setup to do some percussive stuff as well.

Instead of starting each arrangement on the octatrack by pressing the play button on the octatrack, is it possible to select an arrangement, and the signal the octatrack to play that arrangement by hitting a pad on the roland SPD-SX that will signal it to play?

Any help is immensely appreciated, thank you!

I prefer question first.

Unfortunately no midi control of arranger.

I’d rather use a longer arrangement with looped transitions, even silenced, than several arrangements. Arrangement transition is not sexy, there is a chain possibility, but…:sketchy:
Someone using it?

Play free tracks can be triggered by notes.

With a midi processor, you can trigger patterns with notes.

With a mixer, you can make a soup.

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According to the manual:

The Octatrack MKII arranger both sends and receives MIDI song pointer position.<

I believe (must be checked, can’t do that right now) that the arranger can be controlled with regular midi transport controls and SPP


Good to mention. Somebody ask if it was working. I can’t test.