Octatrack future updates?

The Octatrack does so much in so many ways. That said, there are still a few common feature requests I see such as trig-level mutes and scenes working on MIDI tracks.

Do you think we will still see more updates later on, or has Elektron marked the Octatrack as “feature complete” with firmware 1.40A?

Curious to hear everyone’s thoughts/predictions.

Bug fixes yes and maybe even additional stuff, but most certainly not trig level mutes and I’m sure we won’t ever see midi scenes.

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As someone who has coded MIDI controllers including a MIDI crossfader I can tell you that either Elektron just enjoys being stubborn about not implementing this feature OR their engineers have coded themselves into a corner to the point where doing it would require a large refactor. In any case, the explanation that it can’t be done is patently false.

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it wouldn’t surprise me if they’ve backed themselves into a corner at this point being over ten years old, that would be my guess

I never said that it can‘t be done. Actually I said the opposite several times.
Don‘t forget OT can hammer out quite a few midi messages, 8x midi tracks each with 3 midi lfos and 12 midi cc + potentially midi from the 8 audio tracks.

But we currently have that discussion over here.

Noob question about scenes and midi tracks: could the ‘limitation’ be linked to the size of some midi memory buffer? When you work with midi gear it would be nice to have total recall, including sysex dumps saved on the OT’s card, but maybe impossible because of memory buffer space for midi events?