Octatrack - How to automate sample stop?

I have a static machine playing a sample on an infinite loop. When I switch to a new pattern I want this sample to stop playing automatically. is there a way to use a trig as a sample stop trig or is there a better way to do this?

Sorry if this is an obvious question I have dad brain…

not the most elegant solution, but you cold p-lock the first step of the new pattern wit volume off


That‘s what I usually do. Works.


If you do this - does the data still stream in the background though using up CF bandwidth?

Good question…
Maybe p-lock rate to 0?
Or use a pattern that is linked to a part where loop = off and stop the sample with zero hold and release?

you could also put a trig on new pattern but p-lock it to an empty sample slot (if you have one?)


i’m not in my stdio now, but afaik it should, until you trigger a new sample. you can use the mixer-settings and route the signal in studio mode through the CUE-outs whilst balancing your headphones to CUE for manual transitions

Wouldnt be automatic but you could do this as a one shot type trig on the last step of the current pattern and then your next pattern could start with a clean slate…I ‘think’ that would work.

As @CrepePants already hinted at:

The pattern setting “Start Silent” (explained in the manual p.74) is exactly for that. It can be set for each track separately.


Ok I will read

Ok great this sounds like exactly what I need. Will try tomorrow!