Octatrack in the Wild (literally)

My live set from a generator party/campout last weekend. Octatrack is the main thing, but some assist from the Nord G2 Engine as well.

Hi Speak Onion
Really awesome Set, your Skillz at the Octatrack are to kneel down.
Can you please explain a little bit how you setup and structure Things in the Octatrack live ? And are you producing on the OT too ?
Greetz from Bremen

I do one song/track per bank on the OT. I keep drums on tracks 1-3, track 4 for resampling, and bass, synths, vox, etc. on tracks 5-8. Track 1 is a 4-bar drum break chopped into 16 slices, track 2 is usually a chain of between 3 and 8 heavy kick drums, and track 3 is any other drums that are needed (crashes, noise hits, whatever). Depending on what sounds I need, the synth/melodic tracks might be a chain of multiple multi-bar phrases, that I slice up and then use plock in each pattern to play the right phrase, or it might be a hit or short phrase that I slice up and I create patterns right in the OT using plocks. With vocals, I use one-shot trigs to trigger full verses or phrases.

I use as many patterns as I need for a song/track going from left to right. I use scenes 1-10 or so for drum flourishes (filter sweeps, sutters, pitch dives, various combos of those, etc.). The other scenes are for specific transitions here and there.

I do produce on the OT, pretty much the same way as I play live on it, except for using the MIDI tracks to trigger ableton drum racks and sampler for instruments that aren’t in the OT or my nord G2 synth.

That about covers it. If you had a specific question, I could try to answer it.

1: fuck yeah awesome set! cudos!!!

2: thanks for outlining your workflow!!!

3: full tutorial with video pretty please?`… :astonished:

keep em coming

greets from berlin