Octatrack indv track length AS the Digitakt m & ch length

Polyrythmic stuff is awsome but is there any way to have the octatrack behave like the Digitakt when setting up different track length? Maye I´m missing something… And yes, I´ve read a bit in the manual about the Arr-mode but that´s not quite it.
If I set up a drum track to be 12/16 and another synth bass-seq track to 32 the master should be set to 32 right? For the changing pattern transition the master should be set so that the seq ends after the whole seq is played. But then the drum-track gets reset after less then its 3 bars (12+12+8).
If I have more tracks with different lengths, say 6 and 11, these would also be reset in 32 when changing to a new pattern. I could set master length to Inf but then I can´t change pattern! The Digitakt has a solution for this; pattern CH-Length and M-Length. If the Digitakt M-Length is set to Inf, Ch-Length can override that. So if Ch-Length is set to 32, the pattern will change after 32 steps, regardless of the Inf- setting of the M-Length. Hope this could be implemented to the Octatrack, or is there a way and I just missed it?


Online manual page 37;

CHAIN AFTER controls when chained patterns will start to play. The default mode is PAT.LEN. When a pattern is playing and a new pattern is selected, the pattern currently playing will play to its end before the new pattern starts playing. If PER TRACK scale mode is active and a very long, or infinite, master length setting is used it might be more convenient to initiate a new pattern after the active pattern has played a certain amount of steps. Set the amount of steps using the LEVEL knob. This setting affects all patterns in a project, but can be overridden on a per pattern basis in the PATTERN SETTINGS menu. There the USE PRJ SET setting can be unchecked, allowing for a unique chaining behavior for the chosen pattern. Read more about the PER TRACK mode and the master length setting in section “12.14 SCALE SETUP” on page 77. Read more about the PATTERN SETTINGS menu in section “12.10 PATTERN SETTINGS MENU” on page 73.



Check this @Kalimari’s handy calculator :
Elektron Octatrack: Track Trigs/Multiplier to Master Length Calculator

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Got it.
Gonna go with inf master length and under Pattern Settings set the Use Pat Set. 16/16.
So basicly the same as the Digitakt, nice!
Just digging a little deeper with the Octatrack… :slight_smile:

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