Octatrack Knob Problem

Just started having an issue where most of the Octatrack’s knobs change parameter values more slowly the quicker they’re turned. Occasionally parameter values will even change opposite of the knob direction when they’re turned quickly. They seem to work as expected when they’re pushed in and turned, or turned slowly though. Anyone else on here ever have this issue? I’ve had the Octatrack for a couple years and I don’t think I’ve ever encounter this issue before. I’m running the latest OS version.

I have this exact issue and my OT is currently at Elektron being repaired.

Okay, glad to hear I’m not alone on this issue. I browse these forums fairly often and don’t think I’ve ever read about this issue before. I put in a support ticket to Elektron. I guess I’ll see what they say on Monday.

Which encoder in particular?
I had enc. A having this issue.

It’s actually a few of the encoders that are having this issue. The top middle one (not counting the volume one) seems to be the worst though.

sorry to hear about your troubles, but DAMMIT!!!

i hate we’re all in this perpetual “one of these days, it’s going to fail” mode!
[li]jp8000, sitting on the shelf because the ribbon controller can’t stop sending values.[/li]
[li]mc505, sold because knobs would send midi just for fun.[/li]
[li]blofeld, sitting on the shelf because of jittery encoders.[/li]
[li]minibrute, won’t buy it because of all the horror stories about bad keybeds.[/li]
[li]dear, sweet OT, joins list of beloved gear that’s a ticking time bomb. true, i have not seen a lot of reports of bad encoders, but now i’m worried.[/li]

/whine. going back to making music. while i still can…

same problem here. any solution (besides a postmark to sweden)?

Anyone else having problems with extremely slow response times from Elektron support. It’s been about 3 weeks since I submitted a support ticket to them about the knob issue, and I haven’t received a single response yet. I’ve even submitted follow up messages to to them, but still nothing.