Octatrack Memory Card Question

Hello All!

Long time lurker, first time poster. Just picked up a new Octatrack and included was one 16gb card in a ziplock bag and it also came with an additional 16gb card installed with Sharpie writing on it marked “test”.

What’s up with that? I don’t have time to power up tonight but the curiosity is getting the best of me, any ideas?


Hey hey,
Mine certainly didn’t come with that. Very curious indeed. Test card from the factory that got left in? My OT came with the card in the bag so I’d use that and maybe later someone from Elektron will see this and chime in, or you could send a support ticket.
Don’t worry if the OT says wrong card or something like that when you power it up just hit the yes button.
Have fun bending sound!

I’d probably want to “test” it out and see what happens but could be a bad move if you’ve never even powered on an :elot: before :wink:

Thanks for the input. I couldn’t resist and when I had some time I powered up. Definitely seems like a factory test card that was forgotten. I tried both cards and the only difference I found is that with the one marked “test” the Octa asks for time/date verification on each boot up.

I think I’ll open a support ticket in case Electron wants it back.