Octatrack midi cc scenes Ableton hacks?

I’ve managed to be able to create fx racks in ableton that work with the scenes perfectly pretty much making it possible to use external fx with scenes got that working fine by mapping the scene selection to the chainer in audio racks and mapping the crossfader to the dry wet of the fx

But using the fader to control the A4 performance knobs is more of a challenge Because once it’s mapped you can’t really deactivate it when changing scenes
I want to control different performance knobs on different scenes has anyone managed it with max 4 live or such without a midi map device?

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Change pattern with a different kit (no perf depth) should be easier.

Otherwise you need a midi processor that allows you to activate / deactivate CC48 mapping, depending on scenes CC55/56.
Something like if CC56=15 (Scene B = 16), CC48 mapping is on. If CC56 is different, mapping is off.

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The kit idea is good I will try that…
I might have to get the midi processor but was hoping to do it through software since everything runs through ableton in my setup anyway
Think you don’t use computer but Do you know of a software midi processor that would be the same type of thing?

Midi Translator Pro should be up to the task. IMHO it’s the most flexible option.

… there is a demo version available, too.


Yes and it also have the hardware version with Bomebox.

By midi processor I didn’t mean hardware especially, MAX should do it without problem.
No sure about MIDIOX.


Thanks I will give it a try

I’ve abandoned this idea for now too much work to learn midi processors…
Not prepared to learn max 4 live either
Has anyone ever got this to work? or have a preset saved to make this work?

Midi CC55 is scene A
Midi CC56 is scene B
the value 0 of 127 is scene 1
Value 1 of 127 is scene 2
Value 2 of 127 is scene 3
Etc etc… until scene 16

So I guess if I wanted scene 1 to be performance knob 1
I would want CC48 to be active on performance knob 1 parameter when CC 56 is at value 1
And deactivate on any other value…

Would need someone with better programming skills than I have to do this.
I have the mk2 version with performance macros which is good enough But it would be so amazing to combine both performance macros from AR/A4 plus Octatrack scenes all controlled by one crossfader :sob:

I got it to work without midi processor!
Only max 4 live device

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It does midi processing! :thup:

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Hi Dude, I’m discovering max so I’m getting in really interested…
I’m asking myself how to deal with elektron and different Max objects.

I made many things the last year with midi processors to use my trinity elektron in some particular way and what you do here is really interesting me.

Can you explain me please how do you use max, scenes, and OT per exemple ?

Are you using the crossfader to change Ableton live scenes per exemple ? I never tried to change ableton rows/scenes with other thing than the mouse.

Is this your crossfader use ?
Can you explain and detail me a bit the process OR Converter you use ?
Did you use a custom FX rack ? Is it better than sending the cross and scenes from the OT to different parameters ?

Never used custom FX rack, can I in them add each parameters to then manage different knobs in the same time ?


(God I like max so much)

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I’m having a few drinks tonight so not thinking the best can’t remember exactly right now…
I’ll post something in next few days explaining exactly how to do it…

you can make scenes control any effects or midi or anything you want via ableton and they just work as normal Octatrack scenes… when you select a scene on the Octatrack it changes what it’s controlling in live

I used a simple max 4 live device + a rack like this
I’ll post a full thing in a few days I haven’t been using it in a while but it make Octatrack scenes be able to control much more