Octatrack MIDI LFO Destinations

Just wondering if there’s a list out in the wild of the MIDI LFO destinations? Can’t seem to find any conclusive information anywhere.
Mostly interested if the LFOs can modulate itself and the MIDI arp.


Destination are all 5 main pages parameters (not setup pages), including the 3 lfos speed / depth.
Arp : Transpose, Legato, Mode, Speed, Octave, Length.
A lfo modulating itself is useless. :slight_smile:

Midi Tracks can also modulate Audio Tracks.
Set to auto channel, up to 7 tracks can control another Midi Track but it’s a bit crazy and tricky to setup. :loopy:

The custom lfo designer modulated by another random lfo is really efficient. :slight_smile:


There’s also the note on page 72 saying if you use an LFO to modulate another LFO, the target has to be a lower-numbered LFO.

(LFO 3 can modulate LFO 1 or 2 speed/depth, LFO 2 can modulate LFO 1, and LFO 1 cannot modulate any other LFOs)


whoops. what i mean’t was LFOs modulating LFOs…

thanks for the tip.

does that mean an LFO can turn the Arp ON & Off (whilst scrolling through the different modes).

Seems to be an excellent MIDI sequencer!

Good to mention. I didn’t know / notice that as I always modulate lower numbered lfos. :slight_smile: