Octatrack midi out to 10 devices and pedals

Hi everyone!

So i have a bunch of synths that I sync to the octatrack via midi (midi out of octatrack to a kenton 12 midi thru box).

When I want to control the synth (midi notes via arturia keystep), I need to create a midi track on the octatrack and route that track to the midi channel of the corresponding synth. This works!

Question: i also have some delay pedals (BIM, Volante, Microcosm) that I would like to midi sync to the octa clock (so no cc or notes necessary).
Do I need to make a midi track on my octatrack for that too? Problem is my 8 miditracks are already all in use…

No. There just needs to be a connection from the MIDI Out of the OT to the MIDI In of the pedal, via your MIDI Thru box if necessary.

Awesome! So the tracks on the octa are only needed if you want to send/sequence midi notes :slight_smile:

This is great. I realise some of my synths (peak, rytm) also have midi thru ports that I could use as an alternative.

I will try both, curious to see if there will be differences in stability (tightness of the clock sync) between the two (midi thru box with 8-12 outs versus via midi thru ports of the synths)

Thanks again!

While we are at it: anyone experience with using the octa as master clock versus using the AR for master clock? Is one of the two better/more stable?

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Or if you want to control a Parameter of the pedal via MIDI CC.

If you are willing to spend time comparing the speeds of various MIDI Thru ports, you will also enjoy testing out both OT and AR as clock transmitter to see which performs better.

But you might consider also the other features of the instruments when making a choice for clock transmitter, like:

  • which unit is better as a MIDI sequencer,
  • which has the better Song/Arranger mode,
  • whether you’re using the OT for live sampling and looping (where you would want to have it running from its own clock).