Octatrack MIDI problem helpppppp

Hey guys so here is how I have everything routed.

Octatrack midi out to Analog Four
Analog Four midi Thru to Prophet 6
Prophet 6 midi out back to Octatrack

The reason I have the midi out from the Prophet is so I can record my prophet sequence into the Octatrack from the keyboard.

Now the main problem I’m running into is that when I record in the notes they are transposed down one octave. All of the settings on the midi page of the track I’m using have not been changed on the midi/play page.

If this description makes sense am I having this problem because of how I have my MIDI cables setup? The only way I could get the Octatrack to recognize notes from the prophet while recording was to set it up this way.

Everything else is working fine. The clock is being controlled from the Octatrack starting the A4 when I press play and I’m able to manually program sequences from the prophet into the Octatrack

if you are up for really troubleshooting the issue, this is what you do:

plug the Pro6 MIDI out into the MIDI in on your computer, startup a DAW or MIDI utility, record a note from the keyboard - check which note it is, and see if it is accurate - play C2 and see if it records C2 - if it is correct, then immediately unplug the Pro6 from the computer, and plug into the OT and record that same note and see if it records it correctly or not

you need to isolate the devices to get a better idea of whats going on, the more variables are in the equation, the more complicated the result can be. you need to simplify it down to the barest essentials - is the Pro6 sending out the correct note or not? how can you be sure?

honestly you really have to get scientific like this to do proper troubleshooting - its a required skill for making electronic music IMHO

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No need to insinuate that I’m some sort of moron that hasn’t used an assortment of pieces of gear over the years. I’m well aware of how to troubleshoot. If I was going to do what you suggested it would not be possible anyway since I don’t have an interface that accepts midi. I could try it with the usb midi out from the prophet but I already know that works fine.

I mainly wanted to know if looping the midi out from the prophet at the end of the chain could cause problems.

I could tell you that when I had the just the prophet and octatrack set up together I was not having this issue. I have to assume that the problem does lie in the way I’ve set everything up

@Feend easy man, there was no insinuation, @invisible_acropolis’ suggestion seems totally appropriate to check that note in is the same as note out… On your synths, at least : both A4 and Pro6 have MIDI USB so at least you can ensure what is IN is what is OUT.
If none of this enables to identify the culprit, then you’ll know it’s the OT :smiley:

But please, let’s act as gentlemen, especially with someone who’s genuinely trying to help !

Have you inadvertently set a value for TRAN on the Arpeggiator main page of the OT’s MIDI track?


That would be my shout for sure - it is active even if ARP is off

i have a similiar setup and it took me some time to figure it out (OT, AR, Prophet 08)…

there are a few things you can try:
strange pitching

  1. if you want to record midi notes from Pro6 and sequence them in octatrack you have to:
    a) deactivate on octatrack every kind of midi except midi notes… use the masterchannel. set pro6 to another channel than the master
    b) a nice thing to change tempo is to set the pro6 as clockmaster… then you can change the tempo of a song with store tempos in sounds from pro6 (you dont have to dial in the new tempo in the OT for every track :-)) (just set OT to receive clock… A4 should also receive the clokc like this)
    c) if you deactivate control changes the strange pitching stops… also nice: if you record a pattern of midi notes WITHOUT cc`s, the PRO6 will playback the sequence and you have full access to modulate the pro6-sound live with the pro6 knobs… super great fun…
    d) i am not sure… configured it a while ago… but the problem for me wasnt the OT, but the AR, that strangely manipulated the incoming midi… so deactivated every midi receiving except for clock on my AR… this might also be your problem… and dont use the midi-speed-booster that you can also use between elektrons… didnt worked for my Prophet :-))

hope this helps


That was it! Thanks. Didn’t know that even if the arp is set to off that it would affect incoming notes.