Octatrack midi through Rytm to DAW

I don’t have an interface with a midi connection so I’m wondering if I can send midi from my OT through my Rytm into Ableton? I’m wanting to use the OT to sequence FM8 to resample into the OT. Has anyone tried this specifically? I’ve searched the forum and found people mentioning lag between OT and their DAW but not in conjunction with Rytm as a USB midi thru.

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Not sure but maybe with Input From and Output to. That would interest me for A4.

INPUT FROM selects the source Analog Rytm will receive MIDI data from.
• MIDI will make Analog Rytm listen only to MIDI data sent to the MIDI IN port.

OUTPUT TO selects the destination to which Analog Rytm will send MIDI data.
• USB will make Analog Rytm send MIDI data to the USB port only.

Not with USB from RYTM to the computer if that’s what you’re asking.
You can use a Midi to USB adapter and that would work.
Something like a MIO Midi to USB adapter.

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Too bad. I was hoping this would be workable. Thanks for the heads up. I’ll look into an adapter.