Octatrack MIDI track question

Hi, is it possible sequence legatos using the MIDI tracks and the lenght parameter?

My idea is use it to control a bass station, so I could control which notes would slide to the next one using the LEN parameter in the OT, and the accent with the Velocity.

I’ve read in other post that this isn’t possible, since the OT always cuts the first note before playing the next one.

I’ve never tried, but my guess is that using two midi channels would work.

EDIT: Two octatrack midi sequencer tracks that is, both set to the same midi channel.

…just got an idea: if the second track have swing turned on on all steps and the swing was set slightly below 50% so that all triggers fire a bit early, and a suitably short default note length, wouldn’t any trig placed on that track work as a slide trig? Just thinking out loud. Like I said, never tried, and don’t have the OT in front of me.

Have you tried the leg setting on the ARP page? The manual says it works even when the ARP is off.

arg, I need to know it fast before the offer expires. I’m researching a lot, and it seems related with the LEG paramenter in the Arp setup.

My idea is sequence two 303 emulations without use their sequencers, only the OT, doing slides & accent with lenght + velocity.


I cannot test it because I don’t own an OT, I need someone test it for me, before an offer for an OT expires.

You can do this, from a single track per device. Setting “Leg” on will send note off after the new note on if the first note is long enough, effectively making the x0xb0x or whatever slide to the new note. And indeed this is not dependent on the arpeggiator being on or not.

What Abhoth describes with using two MIDI tracks set to the same channel does also work but it’s unnecessarily complicated for this purpose. On the Machinedrum you have to do it that way since it will always send the note off before the new note on.

Thank you very much, OT ordered! :slight_smile: