Octatrack MK2 Tip: Getting Creative with Pickups, pt. 1

Hey guys! First time posting here. I’ve been making video tutorials on the Octatrack this past year, and posting it on r/elektron. Figured you guys might be interested as well.

My videos aren’t meant to cover the basics, so much as creative applications of the tools available. Hope you guys can learn something new from my experiments!


I’ve learnt a lot from your videos. They’re good inspiration as you’ve clearly put in the time on the machine. Sick workflow tips. Much respect :raised_hands:

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Thanks so much! Haha I figure there’s probably some overlap between the group on Reddit, YouTube, and here. Elektron is lucky to have such an active community. I’m glad people are getting something from my videos!


Hey @Zhaomusic,
Big fan of your channel! I appreciate the quality content.


ditto to that!

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Sub’d To your YouTube channel from the first video. Love it!

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Nuther fan of your great videos, thanks for making them!!

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Me too
Thx !

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Dang thanks so much everyone! Still working out the details of this week’s video as we speak. This video really got the gears turning, because you can potentially build a whole set just out of a few pickups and some well-organized patterns. My next video will likely be some observations on the technique, as well as a small demonstration.