Octatrack MK2: tracks in patterns problem

I’ve bought Octatrack recently and I noticed that whatever I do to any track, this will affect all patterns in one Bank. So if I have a sample loaded into static track 4 in pattern 1, track 4 will be the same for pattern 2 and I can’t change a sample or settings of this track in pattern 2 without affecting this track in pattern 1. Only when I change Bank, all settings are being reset and they are independent of another Banks.
So what should I do if I want to play one song per pattern and I need different samples in each track for each pattern?

The answer is Parts.

There are 4 Parts per Bank. Think of them as “kits”. They allow you to assign different samples, even different machines, within the same Bank. Parts also contain scenes, so you can have different scenes affecting different patterns within one Bank.

Note however that sample slots apply to the whole project. Changing sample slots can affect any pattern in any bank.


Another recent thread on the same topic, with more detail:


Oh, that sucks, because I use EZBOT’s template and there are 4 parts with different scenes and all tracks are busy.
So I found only one possible solution, which doesn’t destroy EZBOT’s Scenes: make track 5 (which was supposed to resample AB input) a static track and load a sample there. And change sample for each next pattern while playing, because slices are being saved for each sample anyway.
And if I need to resample AB input, I can change record SRC of track 6 (which was supposed to resample CD input) while playing.
So now track 6 is responsible for resampling either AB or CD, the only thing to keep in mind that I have to manually change record SRC while playing.

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ezbot’s template is only really useful if you’re using the OT strictly as resampler/remixer/effector of other gear. If you want to step outside that box, you’ll be better off rolling your own solution. You can always just have that set up on one bank, and you stil have 15 banks left to do things that are not that.

Also, you can use the track+rec button combo to select which input to record, if your record buffer/trig is set up appropriately. No need to switch src on the fly, although it’s a trade-off with the convenience of 1-button resampling.


You might also think about using sample locks - if you want different sounds on different patterns and provided you use the same fx for each track it can work quite well. Example pattern 1 and pattern 2 both have a snare, but you want a difference sample on each pattern, use sample lock.

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