Octatrack MKII crossfader - it often gets stuck

I think its the same in scratch performance as the mk I. The bottleneck was/is the way you can only adjust the xfade curve so far, not the physical fader itself.

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There is a way to adjust the fader at a mechanical level, if i recall correctly. there is a screw to adjust the looseness. You might be able to do that to avoid having to send it back. Not sure if you can do it without taking the face plate off, but It’s supposed to be fairly straight forward. It may be that a few devices were just tightened a little too much during assembly.

The fader on my mk1 is super smooth in that i can flick it lightly to go from one side to the other.

edit: i think i found where i originally saw information about the screw, which may or may not be of help. Definitely contact elektron directly if you are having mechanical issues on a new device.

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Yes, I would think opening the faceplate might affect your warranty? I’d contact elektron first!

I finally sent the OT MKII back to the store. I tried another MKII in a local store and the crossfader was more stable on that. My device was from Juno’s recent discount batch (Octatrack MK2 at super low price).

I don’t regret it. The MKII gave me a lot of headache in the first two weeks or so and after 1.30B it still has its own specific issues. In addition to this although I more or less got to used to MKII’s new design I still prefer the MKI :slight_smile: So I just returned to my “good old” MKI. The stress has gone just relax and music making :slight_smile:


Any chance you could elaborate on this old post? I was thinking I’d like to get the same thing going but am new to scratching as well.

The right topic :

A very interesting @tsutek trick

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Legend! Thank you :pray: