Octatrack MKII Dumb cue question

Dear Octatrack experts

I am having this very dumb question after I have tried so many time with setting in Mix setting in octatrack.

I am routing my piano into C+D and my Question is…

Are there any setting that I can just monitoring my input with headphones output only, Without sending the signal to main output?

Also I take the live recording and assign to a flex track and are there a way to prepare my flex track with cue to just headphone and when it is prepared the I can send it to main output?

Pls help me expert, I have tried for long time…

Many thanks in advance


MkII manual, p.33, in Personalize menu you can find:

When you CUE the track(s), they are muted for main outputs and audiable with headphones output and cue outputs.


Other approach :

Pattern 1
Track 1 : Monitor your input with a Flex, with a Rec trig on its recorder and a regular trig playing Recording 1.
Plock LEVEL to Min with Scene A.
Send to CUE.

Change to Pattern 2 when the recording is ok.

Pattern 2 : no Rec trig. Modify your track, move the crossfader to Scene B when you’re done.

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Also make sure to go in the mixer page and set headphones to cue only, by default they’re set to a mix of main and cue.


Many thanks…I will check it out…have been doing this…but when I load a new sample and cue it…it still coming out to main…maybe I should take a series of pictures to explain my whole setup…

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Learning OT means a path through user errors. They shrink very often to stay invisible during WTF moments.
What about trying with new project?

Also worth to check twice to stay with DIR=0 value in mixer page:

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