Octatrack MKII Problem with Scenes (possible bug?)

Hi There!

I’ve encountered a problem using the Octatrack MKII with IOS 1.30C.

I’m a new user, so this could be a super rookie mistake, but here goes:

When for example I have a loop of some synth chords playing and on Scene 9 (B) I lower the rate to -64, that also impacts the pitch even when I’m on Scene A again. When I de-active Scene B with FUNC-B, the pitch goes back to normal again. Also: the sound doesn’t stick on Scene B, it’s like the pitch is higher just a tiny bit (when on Scene A).

This weird behaviour also happens with other parameters. With a Reverb, I have the mix on full on Scene B, and the time on the Reverb on full as well, I still hear the reverb even when I’m back on Scene A again (with the mix on 0 again).

Could this be a bug, or am I missing something?



Maybe you have to calibrate your crossfader.


That did the trick!:slight_smile: Thanks!