Octatrack MKII sequencing Roland SE

Hello all my fellows !! I’m wondering if there is anyone out there who have managed to use the octratrack’s midi sequencer to trigger / program / sequence a Roland SE 02?
I’m pretty new with all of this and been checking and checking and still can’t find my way…

I don’t have an SE-02 but there shouldn’t be any particular obstruction to doing what you want.

Tell us exactly what you want to do as a first example and we can give specific advice.

I have the SE connected to a MIDI Thru Box, I tried to do on the OT on MIDI selecting the channel where the SE is connected and i thought it would work like i did with the Roland 09.
All is in order i think :wink:

I currently have this setup at home. As @PeterHanes pointed out, it should be no different than any other MIDI connected device.

It looks like you have it sorted out though :slight_smile: Happy to answer any questions related to that setup if you need!

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Oh no! i didn’t find the way :confused: you any Help is welcome!

Match the midi channels first. OT can be defined by double tapping SRC while on a midi track. For the SE-02, here’s what you need:


Oh it worked!!! thank you soooo much!!! :pray:


Welcome. Enjoy sequencing/sampling the SE! :slight_smile:

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Was just about to paste this into a reply! :smiley: