Octatrack mkII with ... Digitakt, or Heat?

loving the look and sound of the new Digitakt.

but need to reinvest in an Octatrack.

so, possibly going to choose both.

Or … the OTmkII and the Analog Heat.

an embarrassment of choices. But there may be only two, not three investments right now…

Although this is somewhat of a comparison between chalk and cheese, which would be the better combination?

Love the Analog Heat, but I’m going to make a lot more music with OT+DT combo than I would with just OT+AH.

I use the AH most on subtle settings and have found that I can get very close to same results using OT’s compressor, EQs, and filter. AH has that extra bit of magic though… get all three :wink:


Groovy … i’m also weighing up the idea of another gear combo;
the Octatrack and a stereo tube preamp, the UA 2-610 … Even though the 2-610 is nowhere near as versatile as the Heat, and three times as expensive.

So many potential option combinations, sometimes overwhelming, sometimes exhilarating.

I’d like a Heat, a Dt (or a 2nd OT), but for the moment I use A4’s overdrive/filters with Ot.
I’d like a compact setup, black, symmetry. :zonked:


Mpc 500 or Rc 202 in the middle (there is no other Elektron products this size yet).


nice jigsaw puzzle, lol if we are talking compact how about …

one Octatrack :smiley:


My Ot needs brothers, sisters and friends. :slight_smile:
Compact = OT + A4 :thup:

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oh sure :slight_smile: currently the friends waiting for the OTmkII are the korg prophecy, a jomox mBase, and a machinedrum… maybe i’m just Gear Acquisition Syndroming without realising it haha, wanting a Digitakt or Heat also.

i’ve read a couple of incredibly valuable comments recently on this forum about the benefits of ‘keeping it simple to explore the complexity’, for want of a better description.

sometimes, it’s so easy to fall into the trap of ‘more, more, more’ … but then, the richness of options shouldn’t be ignored either. the constant balancing act; forever unwrapping the eternal present.

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Buying more than one piece of gear at a time is killing the pleasure of really discovering and learning it, to me.

And an obvious sign of GAS :tongue:

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Much less GAS for me since OT (+A4).
I’d like a kick like Jomox Xbase 09’s one, and I’m think about Mbase11, even if I’m not sure it is as good as Xbase 09.
I think I’ll keep my black Blofeld, but I’ll need Pulse 2 for Symmetry. I’ve got black GASS. :zonked:

We’ll call it black plague

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I had to figure this one out for my studio setup, and it came down to what improved other things the most. I used a Digitakt for over a month and loved it, but decided the Heat would help enhance my favorite softsynths (Serum, Falcon) and drum synths (Vermona Drm 1, M.brane).

So it came down to what sound I would be pursuing, and how I love Ableton, so I had other srquencing options. Standalone, only 2 hardware items, I think I would go OT Mk 2 and DT. And the DT would be great for connecting lots of hardware and an OT, but in my case the extra drum computing I would gain was not as beneficial as the enhancement and destruction I would gain.

And it is also that learning the DT made me psyched for finally getting an OT but thinking that I want to learn the OT fully and the Heat is far less complex than trying to tease out the subtleties of both the OT and DT. (I had always held off on the OT until the Mk 2 was announced with the new buttons I fell in love with on the DT.)

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For quite a few years the center of my setup was an MPC2000xl running through an MFC42 that I was using mostly for subtle, modulated notch filtering and very mild filter overdrive and stuff, to get a kind of controlled “worn VHS tape” vibe rather than obvious filtering. OT+ heat seems like a next generation version of that setup and I was always really happy with it (still have and regularly use both just now I’m more likely to use them for making loops or samples to drop into the OT) so having never actually used a Heat or a Digitakt I vote Heat.

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Also, if you’re just looking to warm up and glue together the mix coming out of your OT don’t limit yourself to big ticket, luxury gear. Two of my all time favorite pieces of gear for just making things sound “less digital” are the Alesis Microlimiter and the DBX 112 compander, both of which can easily be had for well under $100 USD.

The microlimiter in particular is great, it’s like cassette compression in a little box (without the noise and distortion and flutter, for better or worse).

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Cool tip on the alesis microlimiter, on my list now

Even Gearslutz posters call it “the poor man’s 1176” in typical Gearslutz fashion. I’ve been thinking I should get one or two more while they’re still cheap and easy to find but I always find something better to do with the $50 when I happen to have it.

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