Octatrack mkll midi help

Hi all, i’m sure i’ll be redirected to another threat but i’ve already searched all over the internet for help and no luck.

I just got the octatrack yesterday and i’ve been having a hard time getting set up (shocker, i’m an ex DAW head converting to the hardware world). So i have my keystep midi OUT going into the midi IN on the octatrack and then my octatrack midi OUT going into the midi IN of my novation peak.

I’m able to trigger the peak with the trig buttons when in midi note but when ever i play the keystep i’m getting no sound.

any suggestions?

I have my peak on midi channel 10 and i have the midi track on the octatrack set to 10.

Thank you

You need to set the keystep to the MIDI channel your Octatrack Auto channel is using. Then when you select one of the eight MIDI tracks on the Octatrack your Keystep will play the connected device.
I believe the Octatrack Auto channel is 10 by default so try setting Peak to 11 and the Octatrack MIDI channel that you want to play Peak with to 11. Then set the Keystep to MIDI channel 10.


Awesome, thank you so much, that did the trick. I have another general question I’m kind of stumped on. So lets say I got a drum loop flex track goin, and a midi track playin a bass synth pattern on the peak. How can I record everything that’s going on right there, so I can play over all of that on a different track, still using the peak, but when I change the patch i’m going to play over the loop I got going on, it wont change the patch of the bass synth midi track I already recorded with the drum loop?

I’m sure I’m doing something very fundamentally wrong here

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You’ll have to learn about track recorders and pickup machines, you’ll need your peak coming back into the OTs inputs, and you make a loop. After the loop is playing you can mute that midi track and do whatever you want with the peak. You can probably just leave that drum track rolling, if you want you can record it to the peak loop as well, if you have a reason to…

I just watched this tutorial and I must say it’s a brilliantly clear intro to sampling/recording with Octatrack. Just connect your Peak to inputs a & b and follow the video.

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Would this work for a similar setup (DT, A4, Keystep) with the DT as master sequencing and sending clock to the A4? Or it is either clock or control and not both?

What I’m saying is, can I have the Keystep control both the DT and A4, and have DT as master?